“A Celina Looking Forward”

Lochtefeld Announces Re-election Campaign

Eric Lochtefeld proudly announces his re-election campaign for Celina City Council. Read announcement here.

Continue to Build on Celina's Success

Celina is an amazing place to live and work. Our unique community has so much to be proud of and it is important we continue to build on that success.

Creating a Safe and Beautiful Community

​I believe in a Celina that is safe and inviting for residents, businesses, and tourists.

Attracting and Retaining Future Generations

Like much of Ohio, Mercer County has had to confront a constant trend of losing its young and newly-educated population.

Investing Alongside Homeowners and Job Creators

Celina’s homeowners and job creators have invested their time, money, and passion into our community - we need to ensure the city does the same.

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Attending City Council meetings while in high school sparked my interest in community involvement. I've taken that passion to Council to learn what it takes to manage, maintain, and improve a vibrant city like Celina.

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